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Carbon Monoxide Dectectors Could Save Your Life

These Home Safety Tools Could Save Your Home and Your Life

Do you know what these items are? Also it’s the LAW.

As of 2012 it became law, in California,  that every home should have a CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR on each level of the home in addition to the smoke detectors. This is for all residences and lease properties not just new sales. The CO detector pictured below sells for about $18 and is available at your local hardware store.

Alternatively you can purchase combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well.


Another code item for the Orange County area is the FIREPLACE DAMPER FLUE CLIP.  It can be any  kind of clip which will prohibit the flue damper from closing tight.

This is to protect you just in case you start the fireplace and forget to open the damper. I know, because I personally did this a few years ago and filled my family room full of flue gasses. Needless to say I installed both items immediately afterward.

If you live in Laguna Niguel and want more information please call and I will even bring you what you need.

Carbon Monoxide

If you own a rental you need to provide these items. If you have purchased a home in the last two years these items should have been provided to you by the owner during escrow.


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