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Divorce Ordered Home Sale

Divorce Ordered Home Sale

Real Estate Questions

Real Estate Questions

Divorce is a fact of life for some couples and presents its own challenges when selling a property.

1. How do you find a Realtor? Each party may have a Realtor they want to use but often feelings of mistrust make it difficult to choose. I have found that I am able to be that middle ground expert that can facilitate the transaction. As a professional and NOT a personal friend of either side, I am able to represent both parties fairly.

2. Communication is key. Many times the parties live in different locations so I use various tools to help keep everyone equally informed. I use a “docusign” program for all signatures so that both are signing at the same time in different locations. Also I use an automated feed back program which sends Realtor showing feedback to both parties so all are informed.

3. Be fair and equal to both parties. Fairness is supremely important. I say the same things to both parties and stay in touch through text, email and phone on an EQUAL basis.

4. Escrow instructions. My escrow company is very accommodating and send two sets of instructions and will distribute the proceeds based on instructions from the court or put them into a designated escrow account.

5. Expert Marketing. This never changes. As for every listing transaction I deliver top drawer marketing with professional photography, fliers, blogging and more. I have an online listing presentation for remote presentations if necessary.

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