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Home Sellers In OC Must Sell Three Times for a Closing

Home Sellers in the OC Must Sell Three Times for a Closing

This principle applies in any area and any market.  What in the world am I talking about?

Selling your home

First a Home Seller must sell to the RE AGENTS. Why? Because agents know the home values in their area of expertise and you must win them over to get the agents to bring their valuable clients. The home owner attracts agents through the proper marketing on the MLS system plus broker open houses, electronic advertising and word of mouth. As a home owner you want to get the real estate agents excited.

Secondly a Home Seller must sell to the Home Buyers. Why? Because buyers are highly educated by the internet and first hand experience. Home buyers are searching on line when they are supposed to be working or sleeping. Home buyers are hitting all the open houses and in some cases are better educated that the agent holding the open house. In short buyers are obsessed with finding a home. Sometimes they are even obsessed with the process. Oh, yes, they are the ones with the money.

Thirdly a  Home Seller must sell to the Appraiser.  Why? Because appraisers have access to all the known sales in the area. Yes, every home is unique. Even the exact model match will have different lots, different elevations and different finishes. Hopefully the appraiser will see the value as well. In the cities of Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Also Viejo and Mission Viejo in South Orange County CA cash buyers make up anywhere from 20% to 35% of the buyer market but everyone else will have to get past the appraiser in order to get their loan approved. SEARCH FOR HOMES HERE.

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