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Real Estate Density in Laguna Niguel

No I am not speaking of the beginner RealtorĀ®. I am speaking of population

Density, people per square mile. Believe it or not, Orange County is one of the most densely populated areas in the country behind New York City and Los Angeles.

In the past Orange County residents could make money by continually purchasing new- build homes. Now that land is so scarce more of us will be remodeling. In fact I am seeing a wider spread between resale homes that are original and those that have been refurbished. That is why flips are so popular even if the upgrades are inexpensive.

This week I drove my daughter across country to grad school and was reminded just how large the United States land mass really is. Once out of the Los Angeles basin, and with the exception of Denver, the density is extremely low. One hour out of Chicago all one sees are massive corn fields. Eastern Colorado was like a ghost town. Hardy people work those lands for sure.

We all know location is the key and that is why Laguna Niguel is a fantastic place to live. Even newcomers, once they get used to the smaller lots, come to appreciate our open space and proximity to the coast. It is not hard to see why our values stay strong.

Laguna Niguel is a wonderful place to live – and to be a Realtor.

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