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Surviving a Home Remodel

Except for a few lots in San Joaquin Hills, the city of Laguna Niguel is built out. Ron Buck, Realtor, says there are also some custom build lots in South Peak and Laguna Sur. There are a lot of homes built in the 70s, like the Niguel Hills area, with no HOA fees and larger lots. The 1980s was a very active building time. Neighborhoods like Rolling Hills, Beacon Hill, Niguel Summit and Rancho Niguel were mostly built in the mid to late 80s. The newest neighborhoods are San Joaquin Hills and Hillcrest Estates.

While Ron Buck knows that location and views are always on the top of the list for most buyers, Ron Buck would like to tell everyone that the condition is obviously very important. Some things are more difficult to update, like small closets, low ceilings and small garages. This becomes more like functional obsolescence. Ron Buck, Realtor, showed two beautifully located homes today, built in the late 80s, which had limited upgrades. One property had all new expensive flooring but the cabinetry was untouched in the kitchen and baths, and the windows were original. The other property had some new windows and even a small addition to the home but everything else was original (and “tired”, I like to say).

Maybe it is because Ron Buck’s family is living through a bathroom remodel right now that all this come to mind again. Ron Buck’s mid-80s home has had a new roof, new windows, new furnace and new kitchen. Oh, Ron Buck would like to add the slab leak that Ron Buck’s family had to live through. Nothing high-end mind you, but Ron Buck has still spent around $70k. Now Ron Buck’s family has the pleasure of ripping out bathrooms and Ron Buck is once again reminded that in addition to the cost of a remodel, one must survive it as well.

As a top Realtor, Ron’s point is obvious. If you are listing your home and looking at comparable sales you must look at the amount of upgrades in the home, because the buyers certainly will. As a Realtor® Ron Buck finds himself saying, “Oh ,that is easy to change.” Not really. Ron Buck can’t even count the times his buyers have said to him, “Been there, done that – don’t want to remodel again.”

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